29658169503_e8b4d4554e_oMy-Linh Kunst is a leadership coach for women, civic leader, photographer and activist for human rights for women.

A Berlin-based Vietnamese-American, My-Linh received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia, an MBA from the Wharton School, and studied Person-centered counseling in London.

She spent nearly two decades in management consulting, with her last post as Managing Director of a German consulting firm. She then worked in non-profits, culminating in her two-term Presidency of FAWCO, a United Nations accredited NGO with ECOSOC consultative status. She is now an Adjunct Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Technik und Kultur).

Parallel to her business career, My-Linh is a published and exhibited portrait photographer since 2006. Her first book and exhibit Beyond Borders (ISBN: 978-3-00-023990-8) featured inspiring migrant women making a difference in their adopted community and her newly-published book and exhibit Hope is a Thing of Feathers (ISBN: 978-3-00-054267-1) portrays human trafficking survivors and change makers. Her photography has been exhibited in Berlin, Paris, The Hague and Seoul. View her galleries at www.kunst-photography.com.

My-Linh is passionate about women having the confidence and courage to take control of their own path. She coaches and supports women in their quest for advancement and fulfillment.

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